When Nature Calls

This weekend I went to the beach with my boyfriend and his family for his birthday. We went to the beach, had lots of great food, did lots of relaxing and all that.

But on our (4 hour) way there, the one thing I’ve always feared even before I got pregnant happened:

I peed in the car.

This baby is making a face as if to say, "Shit happens."

This baby is making a face as if to say, “Shit happens.”

It was about 4 in the morning. I was wearing an adult diaper (NO SHAME) and it was supposedly “super absorbent”, but I can assure you it absolutely was not. We had about an hour left of the drive and I was trying really hard to sleep, when all of a sudden there was a pressure in my stomach, and before I knew it, there was a leak in my shorts. My first reaction? Cry out of horrible embarrassment.

I mean, I peed in a car with my boyfriend, his mom and her boyfriend, his best friend, and his siblings. At 4 in the morning. I was mortified. We had to stop at a 24 hour Waffle House so I could change and clean up.

What made matters worse was a group of (most likely intoxicated and/or drugged) teenagers went in at the same time that I did, and they noticed my shorts, and they started laughing. Great, lucky me right?

I was so embarrassed. I was horrified. I thought this was the worst thing that ever happened. But when I cleaned up and calmed down, I realized, nah. This is actually probably like the 5th most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to me (and I’m not in the mood to discuss it’s predecessors).

I think what helped was that everyone was so supportive and understanding about it. My boyfriend was doing his best to tell me that it’s alright and things happen and no one’s upset about it and cars can be cleaned and all that. His mom was telling me different pregnancy stories to make me feel better. His brothers were telling me that it’s natural and that it’s okay and I shouldn’t be sad. I was pretty overwhelmed with how nice they were being about it.

The media only shows the nicer sides of pregnancy. The “glow” that new mothers get, the perfectly round bellies, the happiness and excitement. They never tell you about the horrible stomach cramps and the horrible bladder issues and the heat-flashes and all that good stuff.

On a different note, the trip itself was fantastic. It was so relaxing. Dipping my feet in the ocean with the breeze cooling me off made me forget all that other stuff for a while. Riding a boat and watching dolphins was therapeutic. Ember kicked a lot and my mommy senses tell me it’s because she was excited to go on a little family vacation. I think all pregnant women should have a TREAT YOSELF attitude, because damn do we deserve it. This little beach weekend getaway was exactly what I needed.

I’m currently 6 and a half months, and I know my bladder will only get worse. Unfortunately, this probably won’t be the last time I mess my pants. My stomach will grow and my muscles will ache and my back will want to give out. My thighs will get even fatter and my boobs are just out of control. But you know, it’s all natural. Thankfully, it won’t last forever.


2 thoughts on “When Nature Calls

  1. tani says:

    Babygurl it happens let me tell you! In fact shortly after I had my 1st zach made me pee my pants….long story lol but one thing that can help is kegels and good news is you can start them now! they are a safe exercise during pregnancy and an extra plus is they can help prepare your body for the birthing! 😀


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